Environmental Club --- Activities

<p>Hi All,
I'm looking for some cool opportunities for my school environmental club. We were started about two years ago, and so far, we've mostly helped organize our school's recycling effort. The recycling has gone great, which is awesome; now that recycling no longer takes up all of our time, we could use another project. So far, I've checked volunteermatch.org and emailed a bunch of community groups; does anyone have any other awesome ideas for a project? We would be interested in almost anything environmental. There are about four-eight really dedicated members.
Thank you!</p>

<p>Hi, You could do something to raise awareness in your area. I don't know if the Shell Enviro Awards are there in your area, but when we sent a team for that, we did a large awareness project in which we distributed questionnaires, and collected them :) , did a study of air pollution in various parts of our city, (the index card, vaseline test) , made a computer game dedicated to the environment and made a site. You could try some of that.</p>