ER chances - LSA & Ross PA

<p>What are my chances for LSA and Ross Preferred Admit?</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Race: Asian/Chinese
First generation college student
Most rigorous course load: 2 APs sophomore, 3 APs junior, 5 APs senior
UMichigan GPA: 3.86
Cumulative Unweighted: 3.88 (school)
Cumulative Weighted: 4.53 (school)</p>

<p>SAT's: 1410/2210
Critical Reading: 680
Math: 730
Writing: 800
SAT II's: World History: 800
U.S. History: 800
Chinese: 800
Math Level 2: 800
APs: European History: 5
Statistics: 4
U.S. History: 5
Psychology: 5
English Language: 4</p>

<p>Senior Schedule:
1) Chemistry AP
2) Calculus BC AP
3) Econ Honors/U.S. Gov & Pol AP
4) English Literature AP
5) Spanish Language AP
6) English Aid
7) Cross Country
8) Academic Decathlon</p>

1) Cross Country Scholar Athlete
2) Badminton Scholar Athlete
3) National Merit Commended
4) AP Scholar with Distinction
5) District Scholar</p>

1) MUN (president)
2) Badmin/Cross Country
3) Internship
4) Community Service at library
5) Peer Mentoring
6) Multicultural Org. Activity (VP)
7) NHS
8) Tutoring Club (co-founder)</p>

<p>also, I am OOS</p>

<p>Good shot at LSA, but there is nothing that makes your application stand out. Chinese male, OOS, average GPA, average SAT, etc.</p>

<p>Apply early and you can probably get into LSA, I don't really think you will get in to Ross though.</p>

<p>forgot to mention:</p>

<p>-middle-large public high school in California
-ranked 9/486
- strong essays + recommendations</p>

<p>Solid candidate, nothing exceptional to make you stand out over a lot of others, but you should get in.</p>

<p>oh you'll get in...but there is no hook. i've read a hundred "what are my chances" threads and with gpa and sat and ECs, we've all learned that everybody has around the same...with a few exceptional geniuses or a few exceptional ECs, but basically we all have the same stats. Everybody also assures that their recs and essays are great. Which means basically majority of ppl on CC have great Gpas, great Sats, a long list of ECs and APs that they've all got 4s and 5s on, great recs and great essays. however, half of the people on CC get rejected.</p>

<p>There has to be a hook. something that just makes you stand out from the other smart chinese males that are applying with great gpas and SAT scores. No doubt these other ppl will be presidents of school clubs too.</p>

<p>You've got the stats but if you wanna be a definite shoo-in to michigan..just come up with a hook</p>

<p>I think some ppl are just overconfident on their essays and recs...most are probably very solid, but few are "exceptional." I like how lynn put it in perspective, it's so true.</p>