Essay for Harvard

The only reason I would ever apply to Harvard is to have them read this essay. I think they’d enjoy it.

First and foremost, I believe as a student of high exceptional ability in the area of interpersonal leadership skills and goal-oriented integrity development I have the responsibility and service background experience to excel and succeed due to several factors including but not limited, to my GPA (weighted with my innumerable AP and accelerated classes) SAT scores and community service activity record. As is clearly obvious from my aforementioned SAT and GPA, I’m a responsible leader in the academic area of growth and goal management, you definitely haven’t seen a student like me with my experienced record of community action initiatives, ecumenical religious youth group involvement and eighty four awards for excellence in the State aero-gymnastic-pole vaulting championships. Not only that but I, as an enterprising team player with years of ambitious achievement and talent in revitalizing my community and of course the broader world in which we all reside. When I was building a state of the art, robotic, irrigation system for the impoverished nation of Burundi, it hit me. Life isn’t just about my mammoth achievements, it’s also my mammoth talents. I speak seventeen languages fluently, I can communicate with orcas, I can only be killed with a silver bullet on an equinox, and, of course, I have an exemplar and astonishing Al Pacino impression. Undoubtedly I, am not only the outstanding extra-curricular behemoth of legendary proportions, but a major asset in the development of community based interaction experience due to my exceptional attainment including winning the office of student body president every year, being voted student most likely to be God’s one chosen messiah and being prom king every year (not to mention the incredible feat of being prom king and queen both junior and senior years).

<p>i hope you didnt mind wasting those 70 bucks</p>

<p>cute...just hope you'd be ready for a thin envelope! (but it's a taste of their own medicine)</p>

<p>hmm interested.. but I've always wonder how the universities check all your EC's info.. like that you actually attended etc.. held a positoin etc..</p>

<p>Not really trying to suggest anything.. but saying that checking all that must be a lot of work.</p>

<p>hummm, nice athletic, community service, and science EC's, but you are sorely missing artistic ability, have no plant-based communications skills and don't have your own multimillion dollar business on the internet. You're out.</p>

<p>umm is that an example of what not to write, cause it sort of seems tome like it is</p>

<p>sorry if thats a bit harsh</p>

<p>lol....@ first i thought u were serious. well u must have enjoyed writing it</p>