essay for upenn

<p>would anyone like to look at my essay?
the question is: Describe the courses of study and the unique characteristics of the University of Pennsylvania that most interest you. Why do these interests make you a good match for Penn?</p>

<p>I'll check it out.</p>

<p>send it to me</p>

<p>I'll look at it.</p>

<p>i</a> can help</p>

<p>i just sent mine, i can read it and it may make me feel bad about what i just submitted</p>

<p>I definitely will read this one</p>

<p>ill</a> look at it.</p>

<p>i can read it</p>

<p>I will read it. PM to me.</p>

<p>i'll read it</p>

<p>ill check it out, pm me</p>

<p>i'll read it and give feedback, i intend to apply to penn too.</p>

<p>I'll read it</p>

<p>whoa, thats a lot of people ill send it</p>

<p>yeah pm over</p>