Essay topics

<p>I am debating writing about my intellectual curiosity and including some personal anecdotes as well as goals but I am nervous this is too cliche and overused. I feel like I could make it sound non-fake but is it too risky?</p>

<p>avoid "intellectual curiosity" or such broad topics. Focus on something "small," or even weird but at the same time so everyday life. Personal anecdotes are fine, as long as you don't end up with another "marvelous me" conclusion.</p>

<p>Actually, one of the stories makes me look stupid but emphasizes curiosity. I guess I thought a broad topic like this would help allow me to include what have been the most important ECs/etc that I have done.</p>

<p>Does anyone have an idea of the real cap of the word count of the main essay on the Common App. It says 250 to 500 words but most essays published in collections (like 50 successful Harvard applications, etc.) are far longer. 500 really seems pretty short, but at what point do you think it can be stretched. What is the thinking out there?</p>

<p>First of all, 50 Successful Harvard Essays is a HORRIBLE book. It only sells because of the Harvard brand name in the title. To answer your question, you should keep it around 500. I wouldn't go above 550. Some people say that if it's a good essay at 600 leave it, but you should try to cut it down to 500, which will make it even better. Less is more. Good luck!</p>