essays question

<p>is it okay if my essay is about 611 words? It all fits onto one page. Im especially interested in people that did this and got in, but i need advice from everybody...thanks</p>

<p>My main essay was about 500 words, but I doubled spaced so it drooped over into two pages. My short-answer questions, however, were extremely long and I got in. Let's put it this way--traditionally, the answers to those questions should apparently range from 50-150 words; mine ranged from about 150-300, but I got in so I tend to think it can't hurt too much to say too much. Especially if you're applying to Gallatin or Tisch, where the "soft factors" tend to be weighed more heavily. Good luck.</p>

<p>i posted this on another thread before,but iguess since you asked ill say it again.
my main essay was about 1200 words. i fit it into one page by extending the margins.
i got in. see? no big deal.</p>