<p>How highly is Indiana University's Folklore/Ethnomusicology (particularly the ethnomusicology side of things) currently regarded? I know they have produced some noteworthy ethnomusicologists in the past, and they have placed some scholars at very good institutions (UCLA, Columbia, etc.). Any information is appreciated!</p>

<p>Indiana U is THE place to go for graduate studies in folklore. Ohio State, UCLA, U Missouri, U Oregon, UT Austin, Wisconsin, and UNC Chapel Hill are also among the best programs. U Penn had a great program, but it's been discontinued. I've heard NYU and Columbia are good for graduate studies in ethnomusicology. </p>

<p>If you're looking for an undergrad school, you're probably better off majoring in anthropology or music and minoring in the other. You ought to check out Brown and UCLA, though.</p>

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<p>LACs strong in music and anthropology might be another good place to look. Williams, Bard, Smith, Lawrence U, Wesleyan, amd possibly Oberlin, for example. Versatile universities like Chicago, Northwestern, Rice, and Michigan are also a good bet.</p>

<p>Excellent reponse from warblersrule86. Definitely look into Cornell as well. Wesleyan is very strong in ethnomusicology.</p>

<p>Thanks for both of your replies. Are either of you at IU now? Do you study ethnomusicology?</p>

<p>I'm not actually at IU, thanks to their crummy financial offer, but wish I were! And I can't really claim to be an ethnomusicology student either, though the field does interest me-- I'm doing an undergrad in performance and comparative literature, with an eye towards grad school in musicology.</p>

<p>Ethnomusicology is primarily a graduate field of study, I believe.</p>