Everyone and their mother and maybe their dog...

<p>How does everyone know that there are so many people who are applying Stanford SCEA? I mean, it sounds like there are a lot on this website, but how do you guys know that there will be a lot of applicants? Just curious...</p>

<p>I have several classmates who are applying early to Stanford. There are probably quite a few more that I don't know about.</p>

<p>Apparently Stanford's early action or early decision or whatever isn't binding, whereas most other schools' are. And I guess people think that they have a better chance of getting in if they apply early.</p>

<p>i feel that way about yale!!! it seems like EVERYONE is applying there SCEA</p>

<p>Well I'm definitely the only one going Stanford EA from my school!</p>

<p>Everyone and their mother and maybe their dog (and me) is applying to BC from here though...</p>