Extracurricular activities

<p>Hi! I'm an international student, I've asked my question for several times before (not on cc), but I still don't feel that I completely understood the meaning. What are extracurricular activities? What could be determined as EA, except for dance/drama/sport clubs, music schools? Does it have to be connected with some organizations or it could be something I do by myself? Some examples would be helpful.</p>

<p>Basically what you do outside of school. Clubs, teams, jobs, an volunteering off the top of my head.</p>


Does it have to be something I'm doing now or I could list things I did in the past, for example, I used to play field hockey and soccer, should I write it down on the application?</p>


<p>If you're international, your EC's won't be judged as much, since most other countries don't put as much stress on them. just a side note.</p>

<p>Really? Oh, thank you! I'm kinda relieved, cause my extracurriculars are lame, we don't have a lot of opportunities in the city and there are no clubs in my school.</p>