<p>If a person fails a class, then makes it up for summer school, I know for a fact the UC's take the 2nd attempt for scholarship and UC GPA purposes. However, on the application, does this person list BOTH or just the retake (which ended up being an A-)</p>


<p>no idea... ask your guidance counselor</p>

<p>You must list the original course (with the D/F) on the application</p>

<p><a href=",24,What%5B/url%5D"&gt;,24,What&lt;/a> are the rules on repeating courses?</p>

<p>failing is very bad......i would be surprised if a UC accepted a person who fails even 1 class</p>

<p>But they don't count it!!! Meaning, they don't accept the F, only the repeat. Which is good.</p>


<p>yeah. its awesome. but my question is, should i even bother mentioning the F?</p>


<p>You have to mention the F. You have to include ALL of your classes, even if you retake it and get a better grade.</p>

<p>When they calculate your UC gpa, they won't take the F into consideration if you retook the class and received a higher grade.</p>

<p>Oh look, a person from Fresno! I'm from Fresno too :-)</p>

<p>hah, sorry. um. ignore this.</p>

<p>Will the F have any impact on admission considering they totally disregard it?</p>

<p>don't think that failing a class but retaking it will make it all better. it WILL come back and haunt you. i'm sorry to sound so harsh but if it didn't show up then everyone would want to fail on purpose and retake something. it may not show up in your GPA, but when your school tunrs in your transcript i'm sure it will show up somewhere, so don't think you're off the hook. and as for your F question, i think you can answer that on your own.</p>

<p>Regardless, I would bring my D down to an F in which it ultimately turns into an A-.</p>

<p>BUT THEY DISREGARD IT!!!!!!!!! So why should I be afraid?</p>