Fairfield University Class of 2026 Early Action

Anyone that has applied to Fairfield as EA, please write here.

I applied Fairfield EA for nursing.

anyone know when decisions are supposed to come out? when did they come out in years past?

Dec. 20th but last year they came out on Dec. 17th

Was it an email or letter in the mail? My daughter applied EA and did an interview. Didn’t send in scores but GPA is in line :grimacing:.

ED is being releases tomorrow at 6pm EST. I would think EA isn’t long after that. Best of luck.

It is an email.

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Good luck tonight everyone! Check out the countdown to 6 pm EST on the ED Central page . I’m assuming it’ll be around then. If you’re sharing a results video or announcement on social media, feel free to tag CC so we can celebrate you!

We’re routing for you all!

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is it only for ED or does EA goes same?

The page is for all early admissions! Thanks for clarifying.

Got it! Thank you!!! So excited to check out the portal

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OMG something changed on the application portal!

What changed?

My portal updated with my intended college and major above the checklist. I’m assuming that’s what they’re talking about!

SAME! OMG Are EA applicants getting their decisions this night too?

I’m not sure! I think it’s just ED, however, this is before their posted schedule. If we don’t find out tonight, I’m sure we’ll find out soon/within the next week. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I see. Good luck to you!

You as well!

My daughters profile has the school and intended major populated as well.

omg 19 min left. so nervous.

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