Favorite Movies

<p>include a quote u remember off the top of your head…</p>

<p>Harold and Kumar (so are you boys gonna do me or wat?)</p>

<p>American pie (this one time, at band camp, i stuck a flute in my ■■■■■)</p>

<p>american pie 2 (shes going to be expecting filet mignon and all ill be able to give is rump roast)</p>

<p>american pie 3 (is it weird that i like it?)</p>

<p>band camp (the nutcracker!)</p>

<p>major payne (THUR YETH THUR)</p>

<p>south park movie (i just dont trust nething that bleeds for 5 days and doesnt die)</p>

<p>boondock saints (*<strong><em>! how the *</em></strong> did you guys *<strong><em>ing do this? this is *</em></strong>ing incredible… ****!.. well that certainly shows the diversity of the word)</p>

<p>Lion King (hakuna matata)</p>

<p>Ferris Bueler (cameron has never been in love. at least nobodys been in love with him. if things dont change for him, hes gonna marry the first girl he lays. cuz she will have given him what he has built up in his mind as the be all end all of human existence. and she wont respect him. cuz u cant respect sumbody who kisses ur ass. it just doesnt work)</p>

<p>anchorman (its so hot… milk was a bad choice)</p>

<p>others but those r favorite right now</p>

<p>pulp fiction (did you see the sign on my garage that says "dead nigger storage?" That because there is no sign on my garage that says "dead nigger storage")</p>

<p>Vertigo (i look up...i look down)</p>

<p>Shawshank Redemption (get busy living or get busy dying)</p>

<p>Rushmore (I saved Latin. What did you ever do?)</p>

<p>Fargo... wood-chipper scene</p>

<p>The initial list is by far the most cliched list ever. Some movies I enjoy, because I'm too lazy to actually compile and analyze what my favorites are:</p>

<p>Rear Window
Master of the Flying Guillotine
Reservoir Dogs
Kill Bill
Pulp Fiction
(Ok I'm a tarantino fanboy...)
Hard Boiled
Seven Samurai ("The farmers have won...we have lost")
12 Monkeys</p>

<p>I need to go look at the rest of the stuff in my movie collection</p>

<p>Borat (So you mean to tell me that the man who stuck plastic hand up my anus was homosexual?)</p>

<p>Borat (I could not concentrate on what this man was saying)</p>


<p>good call on seven samourai. that is by far the greatest film ever made, and akira kurosawa's defining masterpiece.</p>

<p>basically anything by kurosawa is my favorite.</p>