Favorite songs of 2009-2010 lets have some fun

<p>oo i like empire state of mind</p>

<p>always happy to see a jay z fan =)</p>


<p>ooo i like that song too
have u heard rainbow veins by owl city?</p>

<p>i just found out about The Cab go check them out! mad hot!</p>

<p>i love the cab! even though their album has been out for about two years now...</p>

<p>uhm.. this year.. i loved dashboard confessional's alter the ending.
especially belle of the boulevard.</p>


<p>anyone like 21 guns by green day?</p>

Kissing you goodbye by the Used and maybeA Lifeless Ordinary by Motion City Soundtrack...</p>

<p>then again i love all the used's albums soo
and mcs</p>

<p>everything by ratatat
anything by super mash bros or girl talk</p>

<p>Jayz was good this year
run this town
empire state of mind
im not alone calvin harris
up,up and away
the seed 2.0 by roots ( not from this year but too nice to be ignored)</p>

<p>girl talk is tank
love the music</p>

<p>i love ratatat

<p>let be honest mash-ups are the epitome of dank</p>

<p>All of the Used albums(even though one of their albums came out this year)
and Alkaline Trio
and lets not forget about A7X (R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan :()</p>

<p>And because of the way you titled this thread, I was sure that you were going to continue....</p>

<p>.... this beat is sick, I want to take a ride...</p>

<p>(Yes, I really am a father of a student applying to schools, not the student himself. :))</p>

<p>hahaha Lvillegrad :)</p>

<p>Haha, thats exactly what i was thinking! :p</p>


<p>is that song by any chance disco stick by 50 cent</p>

<p>0.0 i am a music junkie</p>

<p>nada jyun- for a music junkie you're pretty out of date
its by Lady Gaga! :p</p>

<p>do you mean magic stick by fifty combined w/ disco inferno also by Mr. Cent?</p>

<p>yeah now that i remeber taht lady gaga did do that also...</p>

<p>but yes im talking about the fifty song- honestly my fav. muscisians are</p>

<p>50 cent, Asher Roth, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift (she reminds me of a kitty)</p>

<p>bad romance
tik tok
empire state of mind
Love Knocks YOu down</p>