feedback on admission chance

<p>please give me feedback
very competitive school
94 average
2340 sats
800 math satII
math team
math tutor for minority students
want to go hyps/mit /brown/cornell/columbia. yale=ea
good recs</p>

<p>Lemme guess....White Jew?</p>

<p>your EC's are extremely weak...those schools you listed are super duper reach for you.</p>

<p>What is the SAT breakdown?</p>

<p>That score alone will make people look twice at an application.</p>

math 790
c.r. 770
also AP world 4
Physics 5
taking all AP in senior year
camp counselor in the summer</p>

<p>good guess</p>

<p>I'm good. I saw Heart and I knew you were a Jew ;)</p>

<p>I guess we can always tell when there is a member of the tribe.
so what are my chances?
checking also tufts and carnegie but would prefer the first group</p>

<p>Any more ECs?</p>

<p>not really in the ec department.</p>

<p>Yeah....You have no chance at Ivies. Sorry. I'd look at 25+ ranking schools.</p>

<p>check the breakdown</p>

<p>I saw the breakdown. You have little to no chance at a top top school with minimal ECs</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot at those schools. A girl at my school had no ECs and slightly lower scores, but still got into Columbia.</p>

<p>was she white?</p>