Feeling like a failure.. wanting to attend UofT

<p>Hey guys... I just recieved my report card and I feel like an utter failure. Here are my academic stats:</p>

<p>2.8 GPA, 1370 SAT (370 Math, 490 Reading and 510 Writing). 4 years Mathematics, 4 years Science, 4 years social studies/english etc.</p>

<p>Passed a college course with a 92 (Intro to Anthro accredited by Adelphi, 3-4 college credits)</p>

<p>I didn't take my first two years seriously and I bombed my geometry which thankfully my school does not require for me to graduate (I am from NY) and I am in huge trouble because I didn't know about GPA till end of my Sophomore year.</p>

<p>I do have ECs however. I volunteer at a hospital, I went to China for a month researching Pandas which I will start my research paper later this year, I am apart of the debate team for four years and I take martial arts everyday.</p>

<p>I am in another college course accredited by Adelphi which is Anatomy & Physiology and also in AP Psych, but since now I'm in my senior year I feel like it's too late.</p>

<p>I have an IEP along with an anxiety and sleep disorder. I average two hours of sleep every school day and it completely hinders my academic preformance and I do hope colleges would understand that. I also broke my ankle a month before state exams during my Sophomore year and had nothing but surgeries throughout my middle school year so my freshman year was pretty rocky.</p>

<p>I want to attend in Ontario, specifically University of Toronto. What are my chances? Do I even have a chance? I would like to be a pharmacist and I only wished I took high school seriously so I wouldn't even have to be on here feeling like a failure because of my poor grades.</p>

<p>I excell in science and social studies, and decent in English. However, I am absolutely horrible at math (Ds).</p>

<p>Do I have a chance at /any/ decent universities in Ontario? Or should I not kid myself?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I think you would need ~1800 SAT (3x 600) to be competitive, not to mention doing well in your senior courses.</p>

<p>ECs are not especially important.

You should start with that goal and look for ways to make it happen. I don’t know much about pharmacy but I’m sure you can get some specific advice.</p>

<p>Why are you set on studying in Ontario? Are you a Canadian citizen?</p>

<p>I am not a Canadian citizen but I would like to study abroad for personal reasons.</p>

<p>I know that when I get into a college, it’ll be nothing but seriousness. A new leaf I can finally turn to make myself competitive and one day become a Pharmacist.</p>

<p>1800 SAT? Most of my friends are around 1500 SAT and they got into schools such as Hofstra and SUNY Stonybrook (competitive SUNY school)</p>

<p>You will probably need at least that much on your SAT to make up for the GPA.</p>

<p>Your math ability is problematic.
You will need to take Calculus.</p>


What is the academic path to becoming a pharmacist? What do you need to achieve that goal?

That figure is straight from UofT:
“Successful applicants have presented scores of at least 600 in each SAT component and 26 in the ACT - some programs require higher scores”</p>

<p>How do you intend to pay for your education?</p>

<p>I don’t know much about the community college system in New York, but that seems like an option to consider. Work hard for two years at CC and then transfer to a very good university like Stony Brook.</p>



<p>Well, if one is extremely successful in highschool they can go to a 0-6 program to undergrad and then straight from undergrad to the affiliated Pharm school. But in my case, four years of undergrad as a Pre-pharm (can major in anything) while taking prereqs such as biology and Org. Chemistry. Once someone is finished with their undergrad they will have to take the PCATs (Pharmacy College Admission Test) and then start applying.</p>

<p>Also they would need work/volunteer experience as well as shadowing a Pharmacist.</p>

<p>As for paying for my school, loans would be last resort. Thankfully I have a savings account for college and depending where I go that could last me a bit.</p>

<p>We have Nassau Community which I think is 5k a year and it is a really good CC. Almost all of my friends who graduated HS started out/are in NCC and then transferring.</p>

<p>@ Batllo - I can’t unfortunately. I am taking consumer math and I don’t have the HS pre-reqs for Calculus (need trig)</p>


Sounds kind of like medical school. I think you should aim to keep as much of your savings as possible intact for pharmacy school.

That sounds like a great option! All of the major SUNY schools have good science programs. Stony Brook and Buffalo are probably the best.</p>

<p>You need to figure out why you have struggled in math in the past and make some corrections. Is this just an effort issue, or have you been approaching the material in the wrong way?</p>

<p>Pretty much! Except the debt is a lot less (It is not uncommon to hear people drown under half a million dollars of debt. But most are usually 300k if they use their money wisely.)</p>

<p>I would love to go to Stonybrook and I don’t know too much about Buffalo. However if I do get into Stonybrook I’d probably just stay there for four years. Close to home and much cheaper than other uni’s on my list (such as Adelphi)</p>

<p>Freshman year I was just really lazy and I picked that up in Sophomore year with Intergrated Alg. I found algebra pretty easy however this year I was in Geometry and that destroyed me. The material was very confusing and the teacher wasn’t at all supportive. We flew through material and I couldn’t attend extra help sessions in the morning so I only had two tutorings a week afterschool.</p>