Fight On

<p>Heres the deal. Next year (more like a few months from now) I'll be applying as a transfer student to USC. HS grades are just fine, sat's are average. College grades good...yada yada..</p>

<p>I would love to hear about all the other USC fans that applied as transfers to the University this year! I know letters havent gone out yet was the process, are you happy with your application, would you have done more extra's in the CC or University you're at now? Anything I should know?!</p>

<p>fight on</p>

<p>i've been a season ticket holder since 2001. i was a sophmore in highschool and asked for season tickets for my birthday... i havent missed a game since 1998, i am the biggest SC fan you'll ever meet. the trojan huddle is on sunday--cant wait! Galen center opens next season-- cant wait and usc baseball is in full swing! FIGHT ON!</p>

<p>I like you already!</p>

<p>ive had season tickets for last three seasons, im praying everyday I get into SC. there is nowhere else I want to go.</p>

<p>In response to first question, I would have worked longer on essay.</p>