Final Schools chance be please

<p>I am looking to transfer to these schools in Fall 2008. I will hopefully have a 3.4 when I graduate. I am invovled in Kappa Sigma Alpha, yearbook, halter, the animal shelter and student goverment association. My highschool record wasnt that good I graduated with a 2.75 I was invovled in cross country, pep club, and prom committee. My schools are:
Cornell ILR program

<p>Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Will you be transferring as a sophomore or junior? Your high school record is of relatively little consequence if you're transferring as a junior. In either case, your GPA in college is too for Cornell.</p>

<p>I will be transferring as a Junior</p>

<p>bump people some help please</p>

<p>Whoops, I meant to say 'too low for Cornell.'</p>

<p>Cornell is my reach anyways so i am going to apply just to see what happens if i get in awesome but if i dont there are other choices.</p>