Financial Aid cancelled

<p>If i see this message, does this mean i was not admitted. I havent recieved a letter but was told i will know in 7 days or less. I applied to UW Madison but apparelently they never recieved a letter of recommendation which i believe would have helped me considerably. You guys think there is anything i can do even if they have made a decision. I emailed them but they are slow to answer.</p>

<p>It could mean that you have been accepted but for some reason you are not getting financial aid. Your best bet would be to contact the person/department that sent the letter. Unless you plan on being a full pay student, you need to find out why your FA has been cancelled and if it is something specific to UW or if it will affect you at any other school that you apply or are accepted to.</p>

<p>hope that everything works out</p>

<p>Well i never really thought i would get accepted, so i was just assuming i didnt get in, i guess i will just know in a few days when the mail arrives.</p>