Financial Aid/Scholarships For an Out of Stater

<p>Forgive me if I've missed something obvious, but I can't seem to find anything about scholarhips & financial aid on the UMich website. </p>

<p>I come from a low-income family, but I see that UMich doesn't guaruntee to meet the "gap" between my EFC and the total cost. (I thought UMich had a huge endowment - why the stinginess?). Should I rule the school out because of this?</p>

<p>Also, does UMisch offer any National Merit type awards? Lots of schools have contacted me with offers, but not this one...</p>


<p>Raven, Michigan is not stingy, but Michigan is also dirt cheap to 65% of the students. That's why it is called a State University. Michigan residents (who make up 65% of the student body) pay $9,000/year to attend. Tell me, do 65% of the students at Harvard or Columbia pay $9,000/year to attend? </p>

<p>Michigan's endowment is indeed huge. And it is growing rapidely. But it is not large enough to enable the university to give out aid to all or even most of its students. Remember, Michigan has 24,000 undergraduate students. </p>

<p>This said, Michigan does give some aid, but it is limited. If one of the criteria you are looking at is a generous financial aid office, I would indeed drop Michigan from your list.</p>

<p>Hey Alexandre</p>

<p>you sound likes someone who knows a lot. I am an international student who is seeking to possibly apply to UMich. I was just wondering is there even the faintest chance that I could get any sort of support? Or does non-resident/non-citizen automatically dismiss me from all options?</p>

<p>My teacher is telling me to apply anyway and that there is always a way but I am more pessimistic about the whole funding thing.</p>

<p>There are few, but not many opportunities for internationals. Large schools like Michigan cannot usually provide much support to internationals. As it stands, going to a Michigan costs about $35,000/year, all costs included. Going to schools like Columbia or NYU costs over $45,000/year, all included. And Michigan costs about $15,000/year, all cost included, to Michigan residents (65% of the student body), so as you can see, Michigan is in a difficult position. </p>

<p>As for whether or not you should apply, follow your instincts. Michigan is a great place to spend 4 years, but do not expect much in terms of aid.</p>

<p>thanks for the info</p>

<p>Do you know where I could find out about the few opportunities that do exist?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I am not weel versed in financial aid matters. One scholraship worth looking into is the Dr. Sidney J. and Irene Shipman Scholarships. But they only give out 10 or so each year, so it is very competitive. It provides out of state students with a $30,000 scholarship including free room and board, so your costs drop from $35,000/year to roughly $10,000/year. Still expenssive. I am sure there are other opportunities. I would the university directly and ask them questions. That would be easiest. The financial aid office # is (++1-734) 763-6600.</p>

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<p>Good luck and do let us know what they say.</p>