Financial Aid Verification Help

Hello, my school recently requested a copy of my parents’ Federal Tax Return. We only have the original 1040 tax return, that my parents filed jointly. Would it be ok if I made photocopies of the tax return to mail to the Financial Aid Office, so that my parents may keep the original one? Should I include a 1099 for “miscellaneous income” along with the return and my parents’ W-2 and 1099-R forms? All documents are due July 23rd and I want to send them as soon as possible. I’m sorry for the long post. Thank you and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

You need to contact the school ASAP and ask. They might be OK with a copy that is signed…but they might want a tax transcript. You need to ask them.

Did you use the IRS Data retrieval tool when you did your FAFSA? If not, why not?

Thank you. I used the IRS Data Retrieval tool when I did my FAFSA. I’m worried that if I order a Tax Return from the IRS, I may not get it on time to mail to the office.

My parents also used a Paid Preparer to file their taxes, but I’m sure not if we’ll be able to get a copy from them.

If they used a tax service and filed electronically, you don’t really have the original. What you have is a printout or copy of what was filed.

Ask the school but they probably want your parents to send a signed copy. Ask the school.

If the DRT was used, you should not have to submit the tax return. However, if the DRT was used but the information was changed after retrieval, the return is required.

I suggest contacting your aid office to make sure they need your tax return if you used the DRT. If they say yes, ask them to tell you exactly what they want you to turn in.

Thank you. The tax return is required because I mistakenly changed information after the retrieval. The aid office said that I needed to submit the 1040 and any related W-2 or 1099 forms.

I also have to submit all schedules

@xylo34 I had to submit our taxes for an appeal. I scanned and emailed the Financial Aid dept a PDF. Also, we filed electronically so our copy wasn’t signed. My husband and I did have to sign the print out, then rescan and save. They will want a signature.

The change you made is what prompted the need to send in the tax documents. Yes, make photocopies and have your parents sign the copy. Send that to the aid office.

Thank you so much. Should I include the tax credit worksheets and forms as well? The office asked for the 1040 with all schedule specifically.

After I sent the copy of taxes, they came back to me several times for W2’s and other things, so I would say it can’t hurt to send everything you have (copies; keep the originals).

Send EVERYTHING, including W2s.

Worksheets aren’t considered part of the return.