Financial Aid

<p>I'm thinking of transferring to Florida, and i'm wondering about financial aid. I'm an out-of-state applicant, so the school isn't too much of a bargain. Do they award generous amounts of aid to OOS applicants? I'm a transfer applicant as well. I'm wondering besides loans, do they give decent aid? I'm looking for significant grants/scholarships, not full tuition, but something to bring it down. My EFC is low, but I don't believe it's low enough to qualify for a pell grant.</p>

<p>pihiplyr, </p>

<p>UF has a great website for Student Financial Aid at <a href=""&gt;;/a>. It lists and describes all kinds of financial aid, including numerous scholarships and even the UF work/study program.</p>


<p>Just keep in mind that if you dont "need" it, they won't give it to you. My EFC was riducously high, and I personally feel that FAFSA should do some editing on what they believe parents can shell out "without going broke". I already took out a loan to pay for housing. BUT back to the point, if you find it hard to get any aid, just go to a place of interest (bookstore, Rec Center, any fast food rest.) and ask for an application, since someone is always hiring. Since it's a campus job, you can schedule your own hours.</p>