Finding a happy medium between preppy and overly quirky/geeky?

<p>i've been searching for weeks, trying to find some college matches that have a diverse student body. It's hard to find a college that isn't described as "super preppy and greek" or "socially awkward intellectuals." I'm looking for a small-medium sized liberal arts school, ideally in warmer weather but not a requirement. Any ideas? Thanks,

<p>What score range are you in? LACs in the south where the weather is warmer may be more conservative/preppy. Possibly Occidental in LA? The Northeastern LACs that don’t have frats and sororities are not all terribly preppy. Fairly preppy and “sportsy” but not super preppy and greek. Bowdoin, for example. Maybe Connecticut college? Maybe one of the Claremont Colleges fits? Again, it depends on your scores what the possibilities are.</p>

<p>Rice is not a LAC but has a good mix of students, a great campus, warm weather and great academics. Not geeky or preppy, but some of both there.</p>

<p>Maybe Vassar College? It’s a really good liberal arts college that doesn’t have a Greek system, but people there aren’t ridiculously intellectual and awkward. I think they even ranked as one of the sexiest schools on some ranking list that apparently CC doesn’t want you to know about since they turned it into asterisks. :D</p>