First generation?

<p>First generation to go to college... what does that mean?</p>

<p>I'm first of my entire family line to go to a college in the US (some of them went to colleges in my home country), does that count as first generation?</p>

<p>I know it may sound stupid, but I really want to know.</p>


<p>BTW, does anyone at CC speak Spanish fluently or have taken AP Spanish?
I sometimes need help with Spanish compositions and stuff that only takes like 30 seconds to read, but my teacher's always busy... and won't check assignments..</p>


<p>No, first generation means no one from your family has attended college before.</p>

<p>my family as in just my family? Like do they count my uncles and aunts and stuff?</p>

<p>Your immediate family I guess is just your parents.</p>

<p>First generation means neither of your parents attended college in any country.</p>