For ED, 889 kids got in:194 Wharton, 95 SEAS. 23 M&T, 48 international

<p>Well, atleast that''s what the facebook group assuming 200 or so haven't joined the groups, that leaves about 2600 more spots left (assuming they accept around 3600 last year), that means out of close to 20000 RD applications, only 2600 are gonna get in...</p>

<p>They accepted 23 M&T ED this year? Gah... I was under the impression they accepted 10 ED per year or so =p</p>

<p>well, out of the 23 members in the facebook groups, like 4 or 5 were administrators, so I guess 18 accepted kids joined the group for M& assumng all accepted kids have facebooks/know about the group, then yea, only 18 or so were in, otherwise, there may be a hella lot more kids who have gotten in whom we dont know, M&T program may be half filled for all we know</p>

<p>I love the amount of stipulation that goes into squeezing out statistics prematurely. You guys have made a science of this, haha.</p>

<p>lol, just check out the facebook groups...on facebook, search "UPenn class of 2012"'ll find these groups and you can look up whose been accepted and from which region/ the group for internationals 2012, most of the kids accepted seem to be from Europe, south america, and central america...not that many i guess that should bring up the hopes of those applyin RD from asia</p>

<p>WOW! Almost half of wharton is already filled.</p>

<p>You also have to factor in kids that may not be completely truthful =).
Don't worry too much about "stats" like these..the decisions have already been made and there's no use straining your mind over calculations right now</p>

<p>but remember there was an article recently in the Daily Pennsylvanian which said that Penn will accept more students this year cuz Harvard and Priceton no longer have ED, so Penn is afraid of losing many applicants to other top schools....hopefully this will work to the advantage of CCers</p>