For out of state/non-california residents

<p>Since UCs recently moved to a "holistic" approach, would that benefit OOSers because of the bonuses we don't get opposed to the in-staters? For instance, every honors/pre-ap class that OOSers have are unweighted, while CA residents have A-G classes that drastically help bump up their UC GPA. Does UCLA look at the advantage and value accordingly for OOS applicants that have lower UC GPAs as a result of the lack of weighting from non-AP classes?</p>

<p>UCLA will look at how your school calculates GPA, rank, etc. Also, not every school in CA weights pre-AP classes. I'm not aware of any that do; mine certainly don't. So even for schools w/in CA, UCs have to consider this. As for the OOS thing, I don't think it's really going to benefit OOSers any more, because they still have a strict quota for IS/OOS students they have to fill. Since that number for OOSers hasn't expanded, things only look to get more competitive, as they are for the IS pool. good luck!</p>