Forgot to put in GPA?

<p>I've already received my college decisions at this point, but was wondering if my little screw up made a difference or if you guys think it was even a big deal. As funny as it sounds, I forgot to put my GPA into the academic part of the college application. Do you think this was a big deal? I filled out all required fields, but since this wasn't required, I figured I'd do it later (I didn't know if my GPA was 3.94 or 3.95...). I never did it! Yes, my GPA was very good. It would have been 4.0 unweighted had I not received two B's in PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Still, I'm wondering if colleges even cared about this. Thanks! (Also, there was NO other typo in the entire application)</p>

<p>They got your GPA from your transcript. </p>