Forgot to respond to an email - for 1 month

I made a huge mistake that I only now realized.

A college recruiter for a pretty good school was trading emails with me. He sent me an email regarding meeting on campus with a student athlete and filling out an interest form. I put off the response to make sure that my response was professional. I have since forgot, and 34 days later, I notice my mistake. The deadline isn’t for several months. Is there any way to salvage the opportunity?

By the way, this is a D3 school with only 2,000 students in upstate New York.

I’m not clear if by “college recruiter” you mean a coach, but if so I’d just email him back now if you’re still interested. Just explain that you meant to reply but it fell through the cracks. If you’d still like to visit, let him know.

Honestly, for a top tier recruit a coach isn’t going to give up after one non response to an email.

I wouldn’t even address the tardiness of the response. It’s not like he’s been on pins and needles awaiting your reply. In fact, it sounds like a pretty typical coach response to their interested recruits. Just send an email stating your interest and intent to visit in the near future.

As the mother of three boys, I’m here to tell you that your forgetting for a month is not wildly unusual. I have to believe a coach, dealing with hundreds of teenagers, has seen this before and isn’t phased. Just reply now and fill out the form. Good luck!