Freshman in high school- looking for answers here!

<p>I'm currently 14, a freshman in high school, but I think it's the perfect time to start thinking about what I want to do ans what college I should go to. I really enjoy music, it's my passion. So I was thinking my job could be somewhere in the entertainment category. I'm really good with finding loopholes in deals, contracts, etc. I was thinking I could be an Entertainment Lawyer?
I'm already considered different colleges, whether they're Ivy League, Private, or just a standard university. Different colleges that I thought about were Columbia University, Pepperdine, Barnard, which is linked to Columbia, New York University, and University of Southern California.
I'm in all honors classes and I get all A's and B's. In fact, I've never gotten a C on any Report Card or Progress Report. I took the PSAT; I scored higher than half of the sophomores, but since I still have things to learn, it will get better before I even become a junior in over a year from now. I'm looking for a very well paying job (of course!) and since I'm still young, I don't really know much.</p>

<p>This was my idea- I could go to college and double major in Music and Business. Unless the college has a Music Business major (such as NYU and USC). Then, I could go to Law School. I'd be 4 years undergrad, of course. I'd plan on going to law school for 3 years.
So I was wondering several things-
1.) What colleges are best for my plans?
2.) Would this be a good plan for my future or is this risky?
3.) How many options do I really have with this major?
4.) Along with question 3, does going to law school as well increase my options?</p>

<p>These are the types of questions that you research for each specific school you are interested in. Different colleges have different options and different strength and weaknesses. Start by looking at which college you like most, and research their programs.</p>

<p>It's way too soon for you to start thinking about your future in this kind of detail. Your interests and goals may change several times in the next few years. Right now your task is to do as well as you possibly can academically and develop your extra-curricular interests. In a couple of years you can start exploring college and career options and then begin visiting schools during spring break of your junior year. Relax, have some fun, enjoy life.</p>

<p>I totally agree with mommaj. Enjoy your life. Come back in a few years. Chill and don't stress so much. Wow...........</p>

<p>Michelem97 - My daughter was very clear on her career goals when she was younger than you. She is now a sophomore at University of Richmond and her goals have not changed one iota. Keep exploring. She loved doing that at your age. Keep thinking of things you can do with your talents and interests. Nothing at all wrong with that. But as you explore and research and ask questions, you just may find new paths to go down.</p>