Full-tuition scholarship recipients: Post your stats

<p>I am trying to gauge my chances, and I am asking that anyone who received a full tuition scholarship would post their SAT scores, class rank/GPA, and the name of the university and their major. Thanks.</p>

<p>One of my friends who received a full ride to UCLA, but rejected at Yale had a 2170 SAT. At the time of his app he had taken 5 AP classes with 5's on all of them. 4.0 unweighted. 4.33 capped UC GPA. I don't know about weighted. Committed felon because we made a dry ice bomb and they considered us felons. (Dumb I know). Single parent household (father is in nursing home) with 4 kids in the house. ASB, no other major EC's. So yeah.</p>

<p>Full tuition scholarship
32 ACT 4.0/4.0 (class rank #1 - Valedictorian) Ohio University - Athens
Double Major - Computer Science/Meteorology</p>