fun music tastes at columbia

<p>i was surfing amazon, and i discovered a purchase circle called Columbia University!! u might find this list to be somewhat interesting or amusing...</p>

<p>"This list of music is uniquely popular at Columbia University, as compared with the rest of the country: </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> "</p>

<p>haha courtesy of amazon ofcourse</p>

<p>yes thats right coldplay and john mayer</p>

<p><em>giggles</em> when i read your reply i was scared... i ardently dislike john "backbone made of scrambled eggs" mayer and coldplay (except for the song Yellow)... but I went to the site and found New Pornographers. And Kill Bill. GLEE! </p>

<p>So, different strokes for different folks... so a damned lot of different folks at Columbia. yay!</p>