Furman University

<p>We live in the Northeast , and our son has been admitted to Furman. Anyone have personal experience with the school -- good or bad? Any impression? Thanks.</p>

Our D grew up in a liberal southern university community & went to boarding school in the NE & will attend Furman over 7 similar sized NE LACs . The conservative / Christian aspect is overstated as diversity & students mingling seemed higher than in some NE LACs she visited . A higher % of SE students decline an awesome school like Furman when admitted to a highly rated , much cheaper State U like UNC or UVA . NE students are less likely to do this in their states which makes the % attending / admitted higher for NE LACs . Furman has a beautiful campus with excellent faculty & students & great opportunities . The Division 1 athletics puts admission pressure on a school of 2800 but encourages great school spirit . The spring vs winter weather in April & the fun city of Greenville added to the almost unfair Furman draw !

I am the mom of 2 current students and the school has been great for both of them, even though they have different personalities and interests. Classes are rigorous but the professors take a genuine personal interest in the students and are approachable and supportive. There are multiple opportunities for campus involvement and the size of the school and atmosphere make it easy to meet many people with different interests and backgrounds to help students find their place. The city of Greenville and even the town of Traveler’s Rest which is just off the campus grounds offer lots of wonderful, unique restaurants and it is a great location for outdoor enthusiasts - great places for hiking, biking, etc within a short distance. The study-away options are broad and the 2 that my children have participated in were incredible. Good luck with your decision - I hope your son finds just the right fit for him!

Thank you !! - ( daughter)