Gap year/ study abroad a good idea for HS senior

<p>My 17 year daughter is a senior in HS and was busily applying to colleges and being contacted by various D2 and D3 coaches to play soccer when she came to us last week and expressed her TRUE desire is to attain a rotary international schlorship to study abroad and immerse herself in another culture for a year. She is very mature and would not have difficulty getting into the colleges she is applying to. This has been quite a shock to her father and I and we are trying to quickly gather information about options and the impact that this may have on her future career.
To her credit, her desired course of study is Anthropology and International buisness/International relations. She is aware the job prospects are low for anthropology graduates and she would most likely need to seek a graduate degree. She relays that studying abroad will immerse her in another culture and she can learn another language. She already has a great grasp on Spanish. She states she feels this will make her more marketable in the future. She realizes this may eliminate any possibily of playing college soccer.
We cannot afford the usual study abroad/gap programs which is why she is focused on Rotary.<br>
Can anyone share their thoughts on this subject. We have mentioned the traditional study abroad programs during college but she feels they are too short and don't allow for total immersion into the culture. I would appreciate any feedback from parents and students.</p>

<p>If she does Rotary in a country with a school that has a girls' soccer team, that would be sweet. The competition would be good.</p>

<p>Many schools will allow a year's deferral, too.</p>

<p>Agreed. This would almost be too good to be true. Do you feel this would be a beneficial plan or do you have any experience/history with taking the year to study abroad?</p>

<p>My D plays a college sport (D 3, specifically so she could go abroad for a year D1 won't permit this). Last year she was away, but this year will play again. Where she went her sport isn't really played, but Rotary has lot of years abroad in Spanish-speaking countries, if it is like it was 10/15 years ago when my friend's D went for her Senior year of hs. </p>

<p>D's school is ranked highly in D3 for soccer. Last Spring the team went to Barcelona and France to play. By all accounts they had a great time and enjoyed the tough competition.</p>

<p>She may also change her mind again in the next several months. I think she should go ahead with college apps, see what happens, and then seek deferral if she still want to do Rotary.</p>

<p>Did your daughter go there with a specific long term plan or to get experience abroad? Does her major relate to the study abroad experience and how long was her experience?
Thanks for taking the time to post.
Any other experiences/thoughts out there?</p>

<p>Anyone want to give their thoughts?</p>

<p>Is she investigating doing a Rotary Youth Exchange? or which Rotary program is she looking at?</a> Rotary Youth Exchange</p>

<p>Why wouldn't this be a good idea? She'll learn about other cultures and will learn to take care of herself for a year. This can only come in handy when applying to a school as she will have more life experience than most others. A lot of people from my high school did this and thought it was amazing.</p>

<p>Why doesn't she just go through the regular college application process? At the same time, she can apply for a year abroad through Rotary. When she gets accepted to schools, she can than defer for a year. My understanding is this is doable at most colleges as a gap year is becoming increasingly common.</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses. SHe is filling out the rotary application and is continuing to persue her college application process. I know that it is becoming more common to do a gap year but it still seems so untraditional to me. I just want to be sure that if I support her, it is with all the possible information available to me. I have seen some good advice on other subjects which is why I started the thread.<br>
I would love to hear from other kids and parents that have taken the experience and if it was a positive toward their overall career goals. With a desire to seek an anthropology degree with international buisness as a minor, what would be the best countries to seek out. Does anyone know of any other low cost but excellent programs out there?
I would personally love if she would do a program in college but that is not her current desire.</p>

<p>Will study abroad be an advantage for antropology major before she begins college?</p>

<p>Will a year abroad be a help or a hinderence for an anthropology degree?</p>