Georgetown University Regular Decision Class of 2019 Thread

I sent extra information via certified mail. They signed for it, but I have no idea if it got considered or used in any way.

I faxed my additional information. I also got an email yesterday that I have not submitted my ACT scores. I had to attach a pdf copy and email it to the assistant director.

@ClassOf2015HS‌ can you add me to the FB group pls? :slight_smile:

So I’m actually not going to be home the week decisions come out. I know they are sent by mail. Is there any way to check on line somehow or am I just going to have to wait til I get home or have someone go to my house and open it?

After April 1, you should be able to call and explain why you’re not at home, they might tell you over the phone.

Is the date definitely April 1? With some fluctuation because of location

Their framework with Early was that they wanted to send it out such that everyone had it by the deadline. I had mine two days early (Ohio applicant).

I love D.C. so, so much. It would be amazing to get in.

how about international? will they send out ahead of the releasing date in the past ? It will take about 10 days arrive HK including weekend. :((

Georgetown sends all international admissions decisions by email.

thank you

Great because i would not trust international shipping with such a small but important letter…

Just got a random email about a fee waiver, anyone else?

@KDurham‌ Yeah I got one. The mail says that my request for fee waiver has been approved.

@KDurham‌ also got my fee waiver approved, I’m suprised as to why they sent the email so late but I wouldn’t look into it at all

Hey Y’all! I’m from Virginia, had a crappy interview and am not sure that GTown has all my materials!
YOLO, let’s go! Good luck everyone! :smiley:

Strange 'cause I don’t remember myself applying for fee waiver.

So apparently they do have everything for me and decisions will be coming in the mail soon! Everything should be delivered by April 1st the Office told me today!

So presumably they’re sending everything a couple days before that? @cvisser96‌

That how he made it seem @stilchs4‌