Georgia/Georgia Tech

<p>I'm currently an instate junior, as of the end of this semester I have a 3.8 GT recalculated GPA and will likely have a 3.88 by the end of next semester. I have a noticeable upward trend in my grades; of my 5 B's, 4 came freshman year and 1 came sophomore year in a joke elective (I missed an A by one point)</p>

<p>AP's through junior year: AP Human (B/4) AP World (A/5), APUSH (A, probable 5), AP Lang (probable A, probable 4/5), AP Chem(?,?)</p>

<p>Senior year AP's: Calc AB & BC, Physics C, Econ, Government, Lit
First SAT: 2270
CR: 800
M: 690 (gah)
W: 780</p>

<p>I'll probably retake the SAT, as my poor math score came as a result of several lazy decisions due to fatigue (damn experimental math section killed my rhythm). I consistently got 730-770 on official practice tests, and I scored in the mid 70's on the PSAT.</p>

2 years rec baseball
Some political volunteering
75+ hours community service, more to come
Likely will get job soon
No clubs </p>

<p>I imagine I have a great shot at both schools (especially UGA), but should I be comfortable?</p>