Georgia Tech v. UGA Honors v. Oxford@Emory

<p>I was accepted into Emory but can't afford. I'm waiting on details of my acceptance to University of Toronto, which depending on fin.aid/scholarships, could make the choice. Problem is I won't know about UofT until next week, so in the meantime I need to deposit at one of my other schools. For various reasons, I've narrowed it down to three: Georgia Tech, UGA Honors, and Emory's Oxford Campus. I would be doing Honors at Tech but apparently the deadline was yesterday. Anyways, I'm much more of an "Emory" guy than an "Oxford" guy, but their Scholars program would give me the best financials by far. Only problem is that I will be coming in with IB credits but would still have to remain there four semesters, so I'm not sure whether I would really be able to get much instruction at all in my major interests (Neuroscience and CS, mainly). It does eventually put me into Emory though, with full tuition, and Emory is strong in both those areas and has a great environment. Both Tech and UGA have a modicum of neuroscience, though not really clear on how much, and Tech clearly outshines for CS. All three let you double major, though Tech tends to be more focused on engineering and science, so though my main interests are there, I don't know how well my interests in language or music would be met. Both UGA and Tech have towns that I'd be fine with, as the community is important, though I feel like there are more social opportunities at Tech. Tech has a bit more cachet, and I know that a lot of people view UGA as a party school and Oxford as a backdoor into Emory, though of course you make each experience your own.</p>

<p>I'm not very clear about what I should do here, but I have to make a decision fast. A little about me: stellar standardized test scores and GPA, highly motivated¬ówill literally take the most rigorous of everything available for high 90s-110s (thanks to IB). I'm also outgoing and move through varied social groups, and am always involved. I'm president of three clubs (debate, guitar, philosophy), and essentially want environment (community, setting), rigor, and opportunity. I realize that all of this is a lot to throw you at once, but I'm really having trouble.</p>

<p>Thanks for reading, and for any help you can give me!</p>

<p>Might as well go to Oxford and save a bunch of money. Transferring from Oxford to Emory is incredibly easy.</p>

<p>Tech>>Emory>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UGA Honors</p>

<p>Actually, the median SAT in UGA Honors is 1471 / 1600. At Harvard it's 1475.</p>

<p>^LOL. Yes, that makes them comparable. Wow.</p>

<p>LOL :D</p>

<p>Anyway, go for Oxford. It's the cheapest option, moreover after two years, you can transfer to Emory. Sounds like a good deal for me :)</p>

<p>Emory is REALLY strong in neuro; one of the better undergrad programs.</p>

<p>A couple of considerations, however: 1) living at Oxford is just not the same as a larger four-year college. Indeed, some/many kids go home on the weekends. 2) your IB credits may enable you to place you into higher level courses, which may not be offered in Oxford. Thus, you'd have to schlep/bus to Emory-main campus for class. 3) Could you transfer to main campus after one year (arguing that you have exhausted Oxford's curriculum)?</p>

<p>oxford is great, but once you get to emory's main campus, people will look down on you. it's kind of messed up, especially since a lot of people go to oxford first for financial reasons and not because they are not as smart.</p>

<p>emory's NBB is amazing though. i also considered UGA. if you are an "emory guy" i don't think you'd like tech all that much. it is close to everything, but so it oxford/emory.</p>

<p>and if you go to oxford, there is a chance you can go to main campus earlier. i know people who left oxford after 3 semesters (possibly even 2) because they already had so many credits before they started college. i would talk to a dean or something at oxford to ask more about it. but from what i hear, it's definitely possible.</p>

<p>also, even though oxford is in the middle of nowhere, there's still a shuttle to emory. everyone from oxford comes to all the big events (wiz khalifa, etc) so it's not tooo bad. if i were you, i'd go to oxford. but i guess i am a little biased since i go to emory :p</p>

<p>informative, how is Tech, in any way, better than Emory? Maybe in certain departments, such as engineering (which Emory lacks completely), mathematics, and physics, but it would seem to me that the two are so different in their respective strengths, that they can't really be compared. Besides, Emory pulls students with much stronger average SAT scores and GPAs, which is unsurprising, considering it's a private institution.</p>