get rid of my awful SAT

<p>Ok guys question...
So i did solid on my ACT with a 34, but SAT only got like a 1280/1600, 1990/2400</p>

<p>For some schools that do not require subject tests for admission, i plan to just submit the ACT...</p>

<p>for others, however, that require X amount of subject tests, i fear i am doomed to show them my SAT I as well
(as i understand it, the college board simply submits the previous 6 SAT subject tests and previous 6 SAT I's whenever you submit one test)</p>

<p>so for any of you out there, do you know if this is indeed true, or if there is any way to not send my SAT I?</p>

<p>any help would be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>Nope, no way around it.
However, they probably wont consider your SAT I if they see that your ACT is obviously so much better.</p>

<p>don't worry about it. no way around it. colleges will just see the 34 and go with that, especially if you took the ACT after the SAT</p>

<p>most colleges want to SHOW they have the best college they will want to look at and accept your 34, rather than saying, Oh God, they didn't do as well on the SAT. </p>

<p>Honestly, I heard that from two ivies!</p>

<p>ok thanks guys, i feel alot better now... i, in fact, did take the ACT after the SAT</p>

<p>i say take your sat over in april and then again in october...if you do that well on your act, it means you have the capability to do well on standardized tests. not to scare you, but i do know that northeast schools weigh the sat higher, and if you think about it, colleges dont want to accept kids with low sat scores bc it brings down the average of admittance. i have no doubt you can pull that 1280 to a 1350 + taking it two more times..good luckkk</p>

<p>^ no offence, but you're wrong. They take either SAT or ACT. And the higher one goes into their stats.</p>

That's correct, either is equally accepted. But they do see the SAT score if you submit SAT 2s. Do you think it doesn't hit their radar? S isn't taking SAT 1 because PSAT predicts much less than his 34 ACT and most goal colleges require SAT 2s.</p>