Getting a C

<p>ok so I'm a senior, I have already been admitted to UT Austin, Purdue and Rutgers and the other schools I am waiting on include Hopkins, Tufts Northeastern and those other big ones GTech and UIUC. I have one C in AP Physics C. Will this hurt my chances. This is the first C ive ever gotten, so I am not sure how much it will affect me.</p>


<p>It would help if we knew your other grades, standardized test scores, and ECs. I think you’re pretty strong academically based solely on the fact that you’re being accepted by a wide variety of great state universities, but understand that privates often do things a little differently than publics and the schools that accepted you probably didn’t see your C (assuming you took AP Physics C first semester senior year). I think you’re probably OK for GT, Illinois, and Northeastern, but JHU and Tufts are very competitive. Whatever the case, just keep on waiting and don’t slack off second semester!</p>

<p>I had 2 Cs first quarter and still got into Northeastern EA, so I think you’ll be okay for that school at least. I have no idea about any of the other schools though, sorry.</p>

<p>We don’t need to know another thing about anything. If this is your first C you are fine. </p>

<p>Agreed, One C won’t make a difference.</p>

<p>Plus, I was led to believe (at least at my school) that AP classes give you a one point/letter grade boost up. So I have a B in AP French but on my transcript and GPA it comes out to an A. Also, it’s your first C so the college sees that AND it’s in an AP class which shows you are a strong and overall a student challenging him/herself. You’ll be fine and don’t stress too much! Good luck!</p>

<p>If you were a competitive applicant to those schools to begin with, and this is your first C, the “C” alone is not going to hurt your chances.</p>