Getting into Cornell's human ecology college

<p>I am a junior and high school and I am very interested in Cornell's apparel design program in the human ecology college. I was wondering if I have a better shot at getting into Cornell's human ecology college as opposed to just applying without applying to a specific college. I will be submitting a portfolio of my designs and I have the following stats:</p>

<p>-3.98 unweighted gpa (I haven't gotten my weighted one but I'm sure it's really high)
-I will graduate with an International baccalaureate degree
-have taken 7 AP/IB classes so far and will probably take 5 more next year
-I haven't taken any standardized tests yet but I got a 176 on the PSAT, which I know is really low and I will just have to study a lot to get a good SAT score.
-700 on the SAT II U.S. history test
-Varsity women's soccer at my school
-Varsity mock Trials
-DECA (the business competitions)
-National Honor Society
-Key club
-part of the Women's organization at my school
-good letter of recommendations (One from a professor that graduated from Cornell)</p>

<p>I am also really hoping that my niche will be that I am good at fashion design. I design and sew all sorts of clothes without patterns or supervision and I plan on getting an internship this summer. Minus the lack of SAT scores... do you think that I have a shot at the human ecology college at Cornell?</p>

<p>Your GPA is great but it's hard to tell without an SAT score. A 1760 will definitely kill your chances but if you can somehow raise it 300-400 points or so, you'll be in a decent place. You also need to take one of the Math SAT IIs. Human Ecology really values getting involved in the community, so you might want to think about that.</p>

<p>With Cornell, you need to apply to a specific college, but you can put a second choice if you so desire.</p>

<p>I have a low cumulative average of a 3.0 , however my school is quite rigorous and I am ranked 2nd in my school. I plan on taking several AP's next year and I have been taking electives in order to prepare for the Policy Analysis and Management . In your opinion will the 3.0 be a major setback even though my rank is 2nd? I attend a small private school in the borough of Queens, New York and it is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. My sat score is 2000 and the critical reading and math combine to make 1390. I have over 250 hours of service credit in a hospital and a community center in order to get a feel for structuring of large and small institutions in regards to this major. I plan on applying early decision</p>

<p>Cornell accepts by College and you have a distinct advantage applying to Human Ecology, which had an acceptance rate of approximately 30 percent last year, compared to Arts & Sciences, which I think was 18 percent.</p>