GIFTS for teachers who wrote rec letters for you

<p>okay, so to take out a little bit of stress on this board (okay, not very likely. but still!)...what are you goin to give to the teachers/GC's who wrote recs for you?</p>

<p>btw, how much in a Barnes and Noble gift card should i include for a teacher? i'm thinking about maybe ~30 dollars? is that too little?</p>

<p>teacher 1 (female) - silk scarf
teacher 2 (male) - Barnes and Noble gift card
teacher 3 (male...wrote my arts supplement rec letter) - box of chocolate
GC - box of chocolate
GC's secretary (the one in the guidance office who actually does most of the work) - box of chocolate</p>

<p>and i'm gonna give something better to my extra rec person i guess...he's also a family friend. so...</p>

<p>Oh, oh oh... you should have known better. You're supposed to give them the gift BEFORE they write the letter! Just an added incentive to write something amazing about you! </p>

<p>Joking -- But ya they seem like great gifts. If you get in, you'll gladly shell out $30 for those gift certificates.</p>

<p>wow you would do thirty dollars? i was thinking 20 is pretty standard at my school</p>

<p>i think i'm just gonna give them all pretty much the same thing, and a thank you/christmas card too. that was it doesn't seem too suck up.</p>

<p>Geez, I was thinking of just baking some cookies and wrap them in a nice box or something..if I decide to give anything at all. Yeah I'm really bad with sucking up to teachers..I mean you don't have to spend 30bucks to show your appreciation. Just something at all would be great. Everyone loves cookies anyways.</p>

<p>At my daughters school, homemade cookies are the standard and actually expected, in a fun way, from the teachers.</p>

<p>i dismissed myself from school, drove to burger king, and brought back tendercrisp meals for my teachers. every time i spoke with my guidance counselor i saw he was drinking diet mountain dew, so i went to target and got him two twelve packs. i sent in an optional rec to stanford from my supervisor at work, she loves cats so i ordered and sent to her work a figure of this cat with a ridiculous grin on its face</p>

<p>really? i would say 30 is good. but if its like a teacher that wrote ur rec, during Junior year, ppl may spend upwards of 50-70 on gifts like stuff from swaroski or something...</p>

<p>lol...didn't even know u had to give them a gift.....</p>

<p>a bottle of wine</p>

<p>No need to gift unless you get in ;)</p>

<p>collegeDK, i'd love to do that...but, i'll be nicer. haha</p>

<p>so i guess 30 is plenty. a friend of mine goes, "oh, at least 50!"
well, but then again, she has 2 mercedes and an infinity at home.</p>

<p>2 mercedes and an infinity haha :)
I dunno... my school's located in the out of nowhere, so I guess I should order something nice via online</p>