Going to college visits with colleges sweatshirt / Cheesy??

<p>If I go to a college interview/visit or audition with that college sweatshirt or t-shirt, will they like it or not lol</p>

<p>Making a good intellectual and personal impression is the key to a successful college interview or audition. You do not get bonus points for wearing a college sweatshirt, and it may be seen in a highly unfavorable light. Dress professionally in smart, business-casual attire, and make an impression through your accomplishments and personality.</p>

<p>College admissions, unlike some business positions and promotions, are not about "buttering up" the interviewer. They're about genuine merit and potential. A curious mind and intelligent talent will speak far louder than a "University of Florida" logo.</p>

<p>I agree. I just wondered what would be thought if someone just showed up with their shirt :D</p>

<p>Ha! I wore a Yale shirt on my Harvard campus visit and a Harvard shirt to my Yale visit.
Conformity is overrated.</p>

<p>...why would you even care what they think. They're not gonna remember you</p>

<p>I doubt they'll notice. Most who visit the campus buy a shirt.</p>

<p>You might get a smile or complement or something... but nothing to the effect you're thinking. Personally I don't have any college apparel and will not until I am 100% set on the college I'm going to, yeah I'm in the minority, I just think buying college clothing is weird.</p>

<p>What I thought was cheesy was the pair of parents completely decked out in Harvard gear - shirts, jackets, hats- while touring Univ. of Chicago. Their kid tried to keep her distance.</p>

<p>^ lol at that</p>

<p>A college sweatshirt is not acceptable for an interview.</p>

<p>If anything, make an lasting impression by wearing a rival school's polo shirt.</p>

<p>lmao hahah</p>