Good criminal justice colleges

<p>Does anyone know really good schools for criminal justice and psychology. I need some help, i don't have acollege list yet.<br>
and what is the difference between criminal justice and corrections. Syracruse has corrections i think but i think i should be going for criminal justice to be in the FBI</p>

<p>Northeastern has one of the best criminal justice programs. My son is there. I have a friend who is a Dean at UCLA and when he heard my son was going into criminal justice, he said "Northeastern". UC Irvine also has a program. Go to the college board website and search by major. Corrections is a part of criminal justice. If your goal is FBI you want criminal justice. BUT you should go to the FBI main page and read their qualifications criteria. You have to have a spotless record-even a sealed juvenile offense disqualifies you. In addition, there are some items which give you a "leg up". One is language-if you speak Farsi or another language they really want you have an advantage. If you go to the Northeastern main page then Academics, then Criminal Justice there is a lot of information. And besides, Boston is way better than Syracuse. Psychology is a different animal=lots of good schools for psy majors.</p>

<p>Oh, I forgot, also George Washington University in DC has a program.</p>

<p>John Jay College is known for Ny located in Manhattan. Focus is shifting to terrorist prevention I had read. 9/11 had a big impact on the school being in the same city and the school is responding by increasing the need for better training in preventing such events in the future. The school has a rough around the edges feel but it is well regarded for the field. A college guide I read said they really prepare you for FBI and other agencies. Many NYC police teach there that are high up on the chain and also a bond with Florida police depts.</p>

<p>My son is a jr in HS and is also interested in this field. He is looking at SUNY Albany as well. School of Criminal Justice, looks great. You have to have your 2 yrs of liberal arts first, then you can apply. Sounds competetive, they take some students from AlbanyU if they are top of class and have the right criteria earlier.</p>

<p>Many other colleges we looked at offer Criminal justice but the only two I found that really sound good are these. BTW you do not have to major in Criminal Justice to apply to the FBI, they almost prefer a well rounded education and life experience background. Something like history, or business or political science or forensics and sciences,social work or psycology is acceptable too. I think they like you to have a liberal arts background. This is what I have read anyway.</p>

<p>My son wants to take the police test when it is given, but they will not hire him till he is 21. I encourage him to go to college for 4 yrs and get a liberal arts background in the meantime. He may study criminal justice or something else. Right now he is just looking at programs.</p>

<p>Good luck to you.</p>

<p>You may want to check out the University of Maryland at College Park.</p>

<p>John Jay College is probably the best.</p>

<p>I guess I am missing something here...The stats for John Jay College are: </p>

<p>SAT Reasoning Verbal: 420 - 520<br>
SAT Reasoning Math: 420 - 520</p>

<p>I know that GWU and NEU have way better stats. Why do you think John Jay is the best?</p>

<p>Because it is.</p>

<p>Living in NYC all my life I would have to say John Jay College, it is a great school. I know uncles and friends who have graduated from there and are now working for the NYPD , the FBI, and the Navy. The reason it has such low stats it's because it's part of the City University of New York , they believe in giving everybody a chance. I like thier mission and reccomend the school.</p>

<p>I am sure that it is a good school. I am just questioning the poster who says it is the best. The OP should check out all schools with the major he is interested in and then find the best one for him.</p>

<p>Even though I'm not in NYC and have never looked at criminal justice programs, I am well aware of John Jay's streinths and have only heard great things about the program. Great reputation and great location as well. If only they had a stronger student body...</p>

<p>Northwestern is the home of the Institute for Police Technology and Management (IPTM), which is one of the most lauded training institutions in the field.</p>

<p>CJ degrees are okay, but they really don't do much for you other than show that you have a degree (and any degree is what you make of it). You'll get more recognition by police/federal recruiters if have a degree in IT, foreign langauges, or accounting than you will with CJ. After all of collegiate travels I now am a police sergeant, and of my three degrees none are CJ. I oversee my departments hiring process, and applicants with CJ degrees are so common that they really don't stand out from the other applicants. If you enjoy science you might consider something with forensic sciences.</p>

<p>Florida State University in Tallahassee has a well established Criminology/Criminal Justice program. It's one of the oldest around the U.S. and the best in Florida.</p>

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<p>If you want to work in federal law enforcement plan on studying accounting, computer science, exotic languages in addition to something like Criminology. Might also want to consider local and state law enforcement before trying for the federal level.</p>

<p>Military service is also nearly essential to give you a leg up in terms of federal employment...veterans receive substantial employment preference.</p>

<p>The #1 misconception about the FBI is that you MUST take some sort of criminal justice class. Do your research! There are 5 entrance programs, diversified, law, accounting, computer science/electrical engenieering and language! They don't really look for criminal justice D: most are from law/accounting.</p>

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<p>[I want to be in the FBI myself]</p>

<p>Does the University of Maryland-College park have a criminal justice program. Someone said it did. But in my college handbook, it doesn't list UM-college park as having the criminal justice major.</p>