Good engineering school in/near a city

<p>Top-20 in ME and BME and in/near city:</p>

<p>GA Tech
UC Berkeley

<p>But, I think no one is addressing the question of the style of the campus. Does MIT have a campus similar to Penn? Does Northwestern? I know Berkeley and UCSD don't. UCSD has modern style buildings. Berkeley's campus is all up and down hills - it doesn't really have a nice quad area. Rice and Wash U on the other hand have nice campuses with brick buildings and a quad and lots of trees.</p>

<p>Berkeley's campus is technically on one hill overlooking the SF Bay...Berkeley is densely urban...SF, Oakland and area airports are accessible via BART.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say HMC is urban, located in a large is suburban and about a 40 minute car ride to LA attractions</p>

<p>Sam, you forgot UT-Austin.</p>

<p>thanks so much..I'll definitely be looking into some of these colleges.</p>

<p>@ricegal - I'm visiting MIT's campus this weekend. I'll let you know.</p>

<p>Just toured MIT today. While there is no marked boundary or main entry, it is clearly a campus. Some city streets run around and through, but buildings and space are strictly MIT.</p>