Good Luck.

<p>It’s strange to think that we’ll pretty much know who half of the penn '10 (haha wow, penn 10…) class will be in a few days. </p>

<p>for those who don’t get in or are deferred, don’t be too dejected. i was so crushed after being deferred (which many of you will be), because i knew chances were even slimmer getting in RD. for the deferred kids, definitely do a serious job writing another follow-up letter offering new information about yourself, an AMAZING rec if you have one, or a new essay… or something. your benefit is that you can sort of try again. but seriously, no matter where you end up you WILL love it and can get to the same places Penn kids go. if not, you can try to transfer in, which i hear is supposedly easier than applying as a HSer. Much luck, and seriously, you guys are up against a very, very tough applicant pool. (I can’t believe applications ED went up so much this year.)</p>

<p>The whole process is kind of arbitrary, so don’t take it that personally. Maybe take some comfort in knowing that, honestly, they could have taken half of the applicant pool out and still gotten an amazing class similar to the one that they will have. </p>

<p>For those that do get in, make the most of your time here, and don’t forget that getting in is not the end… it’s just the beginning. don’t forget to still do well. but in any case, congratulations as well. This place is amazing. =) i REALLY enjoy it here and hope you will, too!</p>

<p>are you trying to make me jealous?</p>

<p>afa-what was it that you think got you defered? (ie low SAT, gpa, EC's??)</p>

<p>yeah that and besides the letter you wrote, what else helped you get accepted after deferal?</p>



<p>very good advice. but id still rather go to penn. AHH 3 days! lets all get in.</p>

<p>..............JIMMY?????????????????????????????????? =D</p>

<p>but anyway, rhymesw/orange...i think it was partially lowish SATs, definitely not GPA, probably not ECs... i think i just didn't really stand out or have anything to really offer. i don't think my initial essays were very good...</p>

<p>wombat- my followup letter gave more insight as to why i wanted to go to wharton.. like a broad goal in the future and why exactly i wanted a wharton education. i also sent a much more creative essay that revealed more about me and showed some creativity. it was the new essay that i had written for RD apps after i realized my ED one was pretty bland and run-of-the-mill</p>

<p>ahh... it seems easier said than done though...</p>

<p>define your "low" sat scores? people here on this board think 1300 is beyond low while i strive for a score like that</p>

<p>oof. the avg keeps going up and was 1420 or something if i remember correctly. i had a 1490.</p>

<p>yeah, it was 1413...i had 1420</p>

<p>now it's, what, gonna be 1434? Ow...</p>

<p>shoot i had a 1500 (800-700) and thought i was okay... looks like the 700 will kill me yet......grr</p>

<p>wowowow...if 1490 is lowish... then im out... gpa must be 4.5 and class rank (im serious on this one) i read is a four... i am completley rejected... gone... whoosh... now if only i could just let the school go and start working on apps</p>

<p>1510 YEAAAAH!!!! 800-710, but i'm seas so hopefully the cr is a bit less... important?</p>

<p>1560 here, but all I've got is my scores really :(</p>

<p>same with me...1560, which will hopefully make up for all the Bs...</p>

<p>eh, i'm president of 2 clubs/teams, but i don't think penn cares/cared... or will care when they see/saw the smattering of b's (8 of em?)</p>

<p>let's see, let's have a competition, I have 6 Bs :) out of...38 total grades.. 15% Bs</p>

<p>Too bad all my As are A-s..</p>

<p>ok... 8 b's 6/7 academic, i'm not sure, of maybe 30 grades... so... like 25% b's... but 4 b's came frosh year... AND did i mention my uw gpa is like a 3.6-3.7?</p>

<p>uw GPA is a 3.77...6 Bs out of 31 so like 19%...SAT was a 1520</p>

<p>i only have a 1400 (740cr/660 i hate math.) it is such a bad number because it's almost there but not quite... so i better have something magical to pull me in. haha. i don't though... so oh well. i'm not expecting much anyway.</p>

<p>and i've got quite a few B's too. haha. looks like it'll be a fun wednesday.</p>