Good Luck.

<p>If you're lacking in an area, it doesn't matter sometimes as long as you can make up for it (really well) in other areas or if they know that you can pull off doing well @ penn but just didn't .. i don't know... apply yourself or something. if you've won a lot of academic awards, have high SATs and have a low GPA in all of the highest classes, for instance, that might make up for it. not everyone here has a perfect track record in hs...</p>

<p>ok about 21 hours now and i have less and less a chance the more i think about it my sats were beyond low according to this thread, 1330 (650-m 680-v) but im involved in a bunch of EC's had pretty good essays and got a kick butt supplememental letter of recomendation from Senator Michael O'Pake, great guy let me tell you. Speaking of which he invited me to play racketball in Reading with him. How cool is that? Anyway wish me luck guys, as i wish it unto you. PENN in TEN!!</p>

<p>Yeah.....1320 I basically know the decision at this point.</p>

<p>yeah, idk, i have a 1420 and it scares me to death. but if the avg is in the low 1400's, and the range is 1380-1560, you guys still have a chance.</p>

<p>weird.. im a 1420 too..</p>

<p>well mine's better. ;)</p>

<p>well, since it's an average, obviously there are people here whose sats are lower than the average. honestly, sats aren't everything. i pretty much had the lowest SAT score of all of my friends and still got into supposedly "better" colleges than many of them. your rank, ECs, and ESSAYS are really important. only a few hours now.. goooooooood luck one last time!</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone! (I'm working my karma)</p>

<p>But seriously, some of you seem like great people, and hopefully we'll all be at Penn next year.</p>

<p>Bottom line is we are all gonna sit here and brood over the weaknesses we have...cause it sucks in our minds...but all we can do is hope as we await decision...good luck to everyone..less than 4 hours now</p>