Good Pre Law Programs?

<p>Which ones do you know of ?</p>

<p>Ummm, there is no such a thing as a pre-law program. Study whatever you like (well, popular majors are like English, history, politics, sociology,,,) but doesn’t really matter what you major, just get good grade (GPA), LSAT then you are set. & don’t forget to write as much as possible and play sodoku :)</p>

<p>Best Law: Yale, Harvard, Stanford (Trinity) + 11 national/regional law schools</p>

<p>Undergrad ?: Again, a good many private schools like ivies, LACs and other top public schools like Berkeley, UVA, Michigan will prepare you well.</p>

<p>Ivies, Stanford, Duke, Amherst, Williams, Chicago, Northwestern</p>

<p>Check out GWU...they have a combo BA/JD program.</p>

<p>No such thing. Go straight down the USNEWS list, the higher the rank the better the school. You can major in anything, my two friends at Yale law were art history and english majors. BA/JD is a scam, unless you slack off if you can get into GW combined chances are you would get into a MUCH better law school.</p>