Got denied to CSLB


today I got an email from CSLB and I got rejected and I am not sure why and I am very nervous and very sad.

I had a 3.8 GPA, with all the golden four completed.

However, I am not able to finish the IGETC, and I was told by my counselors that IGETC was not part of the requirement since my major is Biology. I am afraid to be rejected by CSLA too.

Did you finish the major specific requirements?

Yes, I am finishing all of those courses by spring 2020.
Currently taking physics series too.

@Kanilee you can check your admission status through the self service and typically they put the reasoning why you were denied. Please lmk! I have an also the same major applying. Wondering if you didn’t get in with a 3.8 how will I LOL

I’m sorry to hear that… Do you know the reason why? Please let us know. It seems like you have a high GPA and were on the right track. Perhaps it was an error?

I am sorry to hear that too! Are you considered “local” based on your high school attendance? Did they send you an email or did you check status?

Honestly, I don’t know and I visited the page that tells me the status and it did not mention anything.
It just said I got rejected.

Yeah, I am local, I live in LA area.

Oh wow, I still have nothing. The Self Service shows that I am on track and moved to the competitive review. That was updated about 2 weeks ago.

@Kanilee you should look into why you got denied. I feel like with a GPA that high, meeting all the requirements, it could be a mistake? I haven’t seen any other letters being sent out yet too.

I’m probably gonna be rejected soon cause I checked mine today and it said I’m in the competitive stage, but I have a cumulative 2.8…

My D was rejected despite a high Eligibility index. We were wondering why and then I came across this article . Basically if you’re not in the Local preference area which is Long Beach, ABCD school districts you’ll be held at a higher standard which is almost a 4.0

You can appeal your admissions. You need to send your letter of appeal within 15 days of receiving the rejection letter. We appealed and keeping our fingers crossed.

I agree with @Mamaof3D. LA isn’t considered the “local” area. Some areas of Orange County are considered local. They have a crowded, impacted campus with too many students. Biology is impacted and is held to a higher GPA.

You should ask why you weren’t admitted or if you are missing a requirement.

When we visited, the admissions office forewarned us that getting in would be hard since they get over 100K applications each year. That figure includes transfers.

Sorry to hear that! Two of my friends got denied for transfer to CSULB majoring in Biology with similar GPA as yours. The biology I believe is a very impacted major

Hi did the appeal work!!

The original poster has not been online since February 2020 so we will never know. Closing thread.