GPA improvement

I’m not sure if I already blew my chance for any ivies, but does improvement in GPA benefit your admission process? Here are my grades:

9th grade first semester: 3.57 uw (3 B’s, 4 A’s)
9th grade second semester: 3.75 uw (2 B’s, 5 A’s)
10th grade first semester: 3.33 =( uw (4 B’s, 2 A’s)
10th grade second semester: 4.00 uw (6 A’s)
11th grade first semester: 3.67 uw (4 A’s, 2 B’s)
11th grade second semester 3.83 uw (5 A’s, 1 B’s)

Total Unweighted GPA: 3.71 =(

I took 4 AP’s and one Honors class my Junior year, and 3 Honors classes by Sophmore year. My grades dont compare to all of your 4.0’s. I plan to apply to UCB and UCLA, Cornell, Columbia, Stanford, and Brown. Please reply.

<p>When I visited Johns Hopkins, some kids were pestering her about EC's, and she said, "Look. Just about all the people who apply have mid-1400 SATs, 3.7 GPA, and around 5 APs." and then went on to preach about the importance of ECs. But basically, look--she put 3.7 up there with high SATs and APs. Then later, someone asked her about what would be a good GPA on a 100-point scale, and she said 91-92. </p>

<p>I think a lot of it depends on your course load. If your B's are in AP Chem, Calc or such, I don't think you need to stress. If your B's are in lower-level maths, slack courses, etc., you still shouldn't stress, because what's done is done. Plus, you show an upward trend in your grades, which is definately cool.</p>

<p>Also, I could be wrong in this, but if you're not on an honors track in high school, unless you are a URM or an amazing athelete, some of your listed colleges could be pretty big reaches. </p>

<p>But that's just my inexperienced voice, which very likely could be wrong.</p>

<p>I got my B's in AP Chem and in Math. But I failed the AP chem test with a 2. Our school had like a 40% pass rate in chem this year even thought we are a top 200 schools in the nation for publics. However, I did get 5's on AP US History, AP Psychology, and a 3 =( on AP English. My SATs aren't that great either compared to your people's SATs. Mine was 2110. Im hoping to get a 2200 so that I can ensure my chances at UCB and UCLA, or maybe even get a chance at Columbia or Brown. My SAT two scores on Us hisotry was 770. Im hoping to get a 750 on SAT lit and 800 on SAT IIC.</p>

<p>Are you instate for the UCs? If not, strike them off the list. They look at numbers first and foremost for out-of-state. Here's what I figure:</p>

<p>Any UC will look at your GPA and scores first. That's the system, though you might get into UCLA because your courseload was heavy. Cornell is big too, so the stats count, but less than at UCs. Brown, Columbia, maybe, if your ECs and essays are stellar.</p>

<p>The joke in my family is that Stanford can't tell between all the stellar applicants, so they just toss up the applications in the air and admit whoever they catch before they hit the ground :p I don't know how true that is, but the people I know who went to Stanford had typically freakish scores (1550+ for the two from my town).</p>

<p>All the schools listed are reaches, even for people with seemingly perfect stats. What matches and safeties are you applying to?</p>

<p>Yeah, I live in Cerritos, California. My extracurriculars are:</p>

<p>a.) Tzu-Chi Buddhist Relief Organization (1998-present); Vice-President for two years. Basically we do charity work such as recycling.
b.) Model United Nations (2002-present); Gavels at 2003 and 2004 UCI conference
c.) Cerritos Swim Team (2002-present); Varsity and coaches award in 2003.
d.) Nation Honor Society (2004-present); only starting 11th grade can one join. I was voted Rep of the Club this year.
e.) Children's Hospital of Orange County CHOC (2004-present); I just read to little children and watch over them. The minimun age requirement was 16.
f.) Fa-Kwang Temple Youth (since a little kid-present)
g.) I'm hoping to get an internship with our Congresswoman Linda Sanchez this fall to get some political experience.
h.) McDonald House in Pasadena (2000-present); I entertain little children with cancer.
I.) Twin Palmes Convalescent Home in Cerritos, California (2001-present); I entertain and socialize with the ederley every month. </p>

<p>I have other minor activities. I dont think my activites are to varied. I'm not sure if it will affect me negatively.</p>