<p>for the application, it asks for my gpa on a 4.0 scale but there are so many different types of gpas that i dont know what to put. are they asking for sophomore - junior year only, or freshman - junior? do i include non-academic classes like pe and health? i have no idea what to put.</p>

<p>I would just put your cumulative, academic GPA from all years of high school. </p>

<p>It really won't matter because once USC receives your official transcript, they will break it down and re-weight it accordingly.</p>

<p>But you don't send in official transcripts until you're already accepted.</p>

<p>I believe USC receives copies of your transcript two different times. </p>

<p>-First version after completing the fall of your senior year, so they can see the most recent grades when making their admissions decision.</p>

<p>-A second final version is sent by your high school once you graduate, so USC knows there were no catastrophic issues during your last semester.</p>

<p>Your HS needs to send in a transcript in connection with your app & a ranking (if your school provides one). Many schools will also include a profile, telling USC about the HS, which is particularly helpful if it doesn't send a lot of students to USC.</p>

<p>At my kids' HS, the HS sends in a transcript when you apply (with the college counselor's rec) & an updated grade report after the end of 1st semester & 3rd quarter (ONLY if you request or the school requests, or if your grades would be a boost) & then a final one at the end of senior year.</p>

<p>i was the moment (up to the end of junior year) i have straight A's. I'm ranked 2 in the class, and Im very interested in the USC TAP program and scholarships. Will a B or 2 in my senior year fall semester ruin my chances in either categories? (The B's will not be due to slacking off. but just insanely difficult teachers. )</p>