Grade 11>Grade 10>Grade 9? (marks-wise)

I’m not sure where the grade 12 midterms fit, so I’ll just leave that out.

I’m personally interested in this because I had good grade 9 and 10 years, but I’m about to have an outstanding grade 11 year. Going year by year, in grades 9 and 10, I would’ve been in the top 8-12% in my grade. Not too bad, but not that great either. This year, however, provided everything stays the same (and my grades have only been going up since my December report card), I’ll finish third, or maybe even second, in my grade, putting me within the top 1% of the class. I just want to know if this improvement will go unnoticed in the mish-mash that is the overall GPA. I’d have no problem in Canadian schools, as they only look at grades 11 and 12, but America…

<p>it depends on which U.S. schools you're looking at. have you visited their websites? they tell students which grades from what grade levels they heavily consider. if you're interested in any UC schools (getting sick of seeing UC yet? :) ), for example, they look at sophomore and junior year grades.</p>

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