Grade Level & Summer Activities

<p>For purposes of assigning a grade level to summer academic programs and activities on college applications, is it correct to check the box for the previous year or the upcoming year?</p>

<p>For example, if a student attended a summer program between junior and senior year, do they check the 11th or 12th grade box?</p>

<p>My understanding is that you’re not considered a senior (for example) until you actually start your senior year – so an activity in the summer following your junior year is 11th grade.</p>

<p>Some try to deal with the confusion that all this can cause and say “rising senior” for the summer following your junior year (for example). But it appears that the form that you’re filling out doesn’t allow the written reply.</p>

<p>Interesting. I thought I’d been told before that once you “pass” a grade, that means you are “in” the next grade. Wasn’t sure if that applied here though.</p>